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New UI for smartphones reportedly being tested by Samsung

News   •   Jan 08, 2014 15:49 GMT

Samsung may be the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but this doesn’t mean that users love its current UI, TouchWiz. If you’re not a huge fan of TouchWiz, you may be interested to know that the Korean tech giant is testing a new UI for its future smartphones, if a tweet is to be believed.

This is according to known mobile phone insider @evleaks, a Twitter account. @evleaks tweeted, “Samsung exploring new smartphone UI.” Included in the tweet are three photos, showing three screenshots of the new UI (click on the link above to view the screenshots).

PhoneArena notes, “Unfortunately, details on this new smartphone UI from Samsung are missing. But we can spot a Magazine icon, which leads us to believe that the new UI is related to the new Magazine UX that debuted yesterday on Samsung's 12.2-inch Galaxy NotePRO. Overall, the UI looks simple and elegant. Sure enough, there's no way of telling if this will ever make it to a commercial smartphone. But we're thinking that the rumored Galaxy S5 - expected to be officially announced in the next few months - can have a fresh look with a UI like this.”

In an update, it says, “We must mention that this looks like an early prototype of the UI.”

Fancy the new UI, or do you prefer TouchWiz? Share your thoughts through a comment below.