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New Versions Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 Planned For The Coming Months

News   •   Jun 02, 2013 09:58 BST

Just over one  month ago we saw the new Samsung Galaxy S4 released.  The flagship model in the Korean manufacturers range has already proved a big hit with consumers and industry experts alike and predictions suggest that upwards of 70 million of these devices will be shipped this year alone.  It comes as no surprise therefore that Samsung are looking to capitalise on this handsets popularity be introducing a number of variants of this handset according to latest reports.

The device that we have heard the most speculation about and the one that is also likely to make it to market first is the new  Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.  As its name suggests this is a smaller version of its big brother with some of the specification also stripped back in a bid to keep the cost of the device to a minimum.  The model will feature a larger 4.3 inch display than last year's Galaxy S3 Mini but actually be no bigger in overall size thanks to a reduced bezel surrounding the screen.  Other features are set to include a chipset featuring a 1.7Ghz dual core processor and the renowned Adreno 305 GPU.  It is also believed that a number of key features from the Galaxy S4 will also be incorporated.  Click here for the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 News

The second variant of the S4 that we are set to see arrive is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.  As its name would suggest this model is targeting the more active phones users and due to this the device features a more durable build quality.  The handset will be both water and dust resistant much like Sony's recently released flagship device the Xperia Z.  In terms of colour options we are also set to see more vibrant options on this model and we have already been treated to glimpses of both a red and an orange option.  When speculation about this model first started it was believed that it would offer the same spec as the S4 but now it seems that we can expect  a dual core 1.9Ghz processor and a Full HD screen measuring 4.7 inches.

Perhaps the model that we know least about is the new Galaxy S4 Zoom.  This model is said to focus on the camera facilities and will include a 16 mega pixel snapper, 3 million pixels higher than what its big brother offers.  A 10X optical zoom is also said to be included although recently doubts have been cast over this area by reports that a similar facility could not be fitted in the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as it increased the size of the chassis too much.  Just like the other variants the other specification on the phone is set to be slightly lower than what the S4 has to offer.  Compare the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 contracts here

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is already shaping up to be one of the most popular smartphones of the year and it looks as though we can look forward to several variants of this model designed to appeal to different areas of the market.