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Newspaper Releases Images And Dimensions Of The Brand New iPhone 5

News   •   Aug 19, 2012 16:08 BST

It is easy to take a look around the internet and find details about what features will be present on the new iPhone 5. What is not so easy however is to find much information relating to the design and dimensions that this new phone will offer. One publication however has published images reportedly of this new phone together with dimensions, helping us to gauge the size of the phone for the first time.

Apple Daily is a newspaper that is published in Taiwan an this is where these new images and details of the iPhone 5 were first published. This is the first report to give us an exact size of this new model and the figures quoted to make for some interesting reading. Apple themselves have not officially released details on the new models but their announcement is expected on September the 12th. This new information states that the new iPhone will measure 58.47 x 123.83 x 7.6mm which will mean that the device will be the slimmest on the market. If these figures are correct the new phone will measure a whole 1mm thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S3, the main competitor to the new iPhone. Anybody who has used the latest generation iPod Touch device will get an idea about this depth as it is pretty much identical. Apple have manged to reduce the depth of the phone thanks to restructuring internal components and reducing many of them in size. The new phone will include a tiny nano sim card slot together with a smaller dock connector located on the bottom of the device.

The iPhone 5 is certainly shaping up to be one of the best mobile phones ever launched. When we put the recent report containing dimensions together with some other rumoured specification it certainly looks very impressive. For the first time since the original iPhone was launched in 2007 the model will boast a larger screen. Apple will include a 4.08 inch screen on this device to cater for fans demanding more size for a range of tasks including video playback and gaming. The size however is still smaller than the likes of the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X will will enable the model to remain as one of the slimmest on the market. The phone is also set to be the first iPhone to incorporate a quad core processor. Apples latest chip will be used in the model to deliver an unrivaled multi tasking experience and lightning fast speeds across all areas of the phone.

Only time will tell whether the published dimensions of the iPhone 5 are correct but as the launch date draws closer we have to place more credibility on many of the reports that are surfacing about this eagerly anticipated new model.

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