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Next Generation Nokia Windows Phones Could Feature Quad Cores

News   •   Jun 24, 2013 07:11 BST

We have only just seen the impressive new Nokia Lumia 925 revealed but it looks as though the company are already hard at work on their next generation of Windows phone.  It seems as though the next model to arrive will be the first quad core handset to support the platform if new benchmarking results that have been published are anything to go by.

It looks as though Nokia are hard at work producing the first quad core smartphone for the Windows 8 platform.  This news has surfaced thanks to result from benchmarking tests which have appeared on a database linked to the GFXBench site.   These results relate to an unnamed Nokia handset that is running an unidentified quad core processor and an Adreno 305 graphics processing unit.  The database directly refers to the handset as a Nokia model running on the Windows platform but no exact details on the CPU are given although subsequent reports suggest that it is a chip produced by Qualcomm.  Soon we will see the new GDR3 update for Windows phones arrive and this is said to offer full support for quad core processing technology and Nokia amongst other manufacturers will be keen to launch a device that takes full advantage of what the update has to offer.  Please check out our site for more news

Qualcomm have recently revealed that their 400 series processing chip will support the Windows Mobile operating system so this is the chip that is believed to feature on the new device that has been tested.  The company are also said to be hard at work producing new chips although it is not known whether these new components are geared for Android or Windows.  Nokia have a major event scheduled for July 11th where they will unveil the next generation smartphone which is being referred to as the Pureview EOS thanks to is superb camera features.  It could well be that this new model is the handset that has featured in the latest tests.   If indeed it is it will be the second high end handset launched by the Finnish manufacturers in the space of just a few week following the recent launch of the Nokia Lumia 925.  

We will be sure to keep you updated with any more news on this story as it emerges but it is safe to say that a new quad core Windows phone is imminent from Nokia.  There are currently also some super Lumia 925 savings available.