Next Week Sees iPad Mini Arrive in the UK

News   •   Oct 16, 2012 07:00 BST

Although we expected the mini iPad to reach us here in the UK around the same time as the iPhone 5, it seems Apple has left it a little later to launch it in order to not take any of the limelight away from the flagship smartphone. The new mini iPad is obviously smaller but it has lots of tech and directly takes on the likes of the Galaxy Note 2 and the phablet-esque smartphones.

During interviews and press conferences over the iPhone 5 launch, spokespeople said there was more to come and more to show from Apple before the end of the year. This blatantly hinted at the mini iPad but the idea was to obviously let iPhone 5 buyers stump up the £600+ for the new phone first. It’s been almost a month since the launch and many people aren’t too pleased with a bunch of the tech that was meant to be included. Namely the 3D mapping and Maps in general as Apple has wiped its hands of Google Maps app.

However, for those that prefer to not spend so much on a smartphone there are many iPhone 4S deals available from the retailers even at much lower prices than you’d see on eBay for second hand units – probably from those who upgraded to the 5. The iPhone 4S is a mightily fine smartphone and has a raft of technology that other smartphone makers can’t match now, 13 months after it was launched.

If the iPhone 5 is a little too far for you the iPhone 4S is a great idea. If you love your gadgets then the iPad Mini is a perfect addition to get the experience of the A6 processor and have a mini tablet for different duties that your iPhone 4S isn’t perfect for. For example, that could be playing games, creating spreadsheets and other applications that work better with a larger screen.

What really impresses about the iPad Mini is the price. It’s set to be pitched at $250 which is just under £200 to us here in the UK. That will be for the smaller 8GB unit although there will be a 16GB device available too. That’s half the price than the iPad 2 or 3 which is fantastic news for those people that want a 7.85” screen iPad. The Nexus 7 still reigns as one of the cheapest tablet devices on the market but if you’re of the Apple fan club then it has to be an iPad.

Yes, the Kindle Fire is a good device but with Apple’s seriously incredible iStore and seamless display with funky technology and a whole raft of external additions you simply cannot ignore that an iPad Mini is perfect for the majority. The only device that might cause a stir is the Microsoft Surface tablet PC, which will be launched at around the same time. It’s an ideal Christmas present and if you’re still looking for a phone then try the iPhone 4S deals at Mobile Phone Checker.