Nexus 4 Still Struggling Even with T-Mobile and Google Play

News   •   Feb 02, 2013 07:30 GMT

All fads come and go but it seems more likely that LG Nexus 4 has transcended to more than just a fad - it is slowly becoming a rare statement and considering the low stock fiasco that plagued both Google and LG just after it launched, Android fans are found to be more than forgiving. In fact, The Nexus 4 has kept its status as one of the most sought-out smartphones to date

This 4.7-inch True HD Android 4.2-operated beauty has received a general positive review with regards to its affordable price, quality build and very impressive specifications. The only thing that mars its very credible reputation is its availability with the on-again, off-again stock-out issues in Google Play. One action taken to rectify this problem was to make the handset available on other carriers such as T-Mobile for US-based customers. But like a plot in a badly written comedy, US subscribers had precious little time to celebrate before T-Mobile too, announced that their stock has been sold out only a few days after it was declared that stocks are available for sale, though as of late, it was rumoured that stocks are back on again.

With the number of Nexus 4 stocks being fickle, not just in US but in UK, Germany, Spain, France, Canada and Australia as well, it almost appears that owning this handset is slowly becoming some sort of Mission Impossible. Furthermore, not many US consumers are being thrilled with the additional carrier T-Mobile as contract routes don’t come cheap. With Google Play, the Nexus 4 8GB model’s price would be somewhere along £239 ($376). T-Mobile’s cheapest option, on the other hand, is the Classic 500 Minute/Talk which costs $39.99 per month or a whooping $959.76 just to get through their two-year contract agreement. Yikes.  

Obviously, all this commotion seems to confuse your average phone user since Nexus 4 is not exactly that remarkable to look at plus the fact that getting your hands on one is like playing an annoying game of hide-and-seek. It turns out that this singular issue cannot diffuse the enthusiasm and excitement of Android fans nor does it curb the interest of smartphone fanatics from stubbornly waiting to jump in the moment that the handset becomes available in Google Play.

Are you one of those fans who thinks LG Nexus 4 is worth all this trouble? Does the impressive specification and generally favourable review enough to keep it afloat in the market competition despite its stock-out issues? 

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