Nexus 5 Brands suggestion after the LG revelation

News   •   Jun 12, 2013 07:00 BST

There are several speculations on the Nexus 5 name considerations. It seems that the brand behind this smart phone has become a guessing game for fanatics these past few weeks. The officials had been announced but there are rumours and comments from LG that gives an exciting thought of what brand could be behind the Google Nexus 5.

Over the past days and weeks, LG’s executive has been involved with the Nexus 5. While comments from him could be interpreted in a number of ways, it seems that lots of people are expecting that the next Google Nexus phone is to be made by a different brand.

There are rumours of LG Nexus prototype from the company itself but this writing has some attention grabbing comments from Nexus users with regards to other brands.

Nexus 5 brands after LG’s revelation suggested that some users have commented saying that  “not making another Nexus from LG is a good idea”. Though this comment came from a Sony smart phone  user. Other people do not like Samsung building the Nexus 5. But some people point out that Samsung’s sales success with other handset is one of the reasons why they should build the Nexus 5. There are other brands that want Nexus 5 and it includes Asus when their involvement will be considered in Nexus 7. Some people want to see HTC to deliver something good and elite for the next generation.

When talking about the Nexus 5 specifications, lots of people look forward to a removable battery and SD card though these features will always be dependent on who builds the handset. It seems that Google likes to do it.

If you will given a choice, who would you like to build the Nexus 5? It seems that the bottom line to some users is its price. An affordable price with updated technology and see its release around last months of this year.

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