NFC Chip on iPhone 5: Fact or Fallacy?

News   •   Jul 15, 2012 07:00 BST

Could it be true that technology giant Apple is now starting to consider the inclusion of NFC chip on the latest iPhone which will be released on the last quarter of 2012? NFC stands for near-field communication. This is the technology that enables a smart phone to share information with other smart phones that are also enabled with the NFC technology without creating contact with each other. HTC was the first one to use this technology in their HTC One series. This time, Apple is showing signs that the NFC chip might be something that we can expect to be present on the iPhone 5. Rumor or fact, let’s find out what can this NFC chip can do to improve the functions and features of the iPhone 4S’ successor which is scheduled to set foot on the market later this year and is already anticipated by the whole world.

Reports are claiming that several iPhone 5 prototypes are leading to a set of codes and clues that Apple might be planning to integrate the NFC technology to the latest iPhone yet to be released. According to sources, Apple is going to make use of the NFC technology for wireless mobile payments. Some are even saying that it will take a huge company such as Apple for the NFC technology to really blast off into mainstream use. In line with this, other the experts are concluding that as soon as the NFC-based mobile phone payment is pioneered by Apple through the iPhone 5, all smartphones in the market by 2013 will have the NFC chip on them and bear the ability to purchase stuff using their smartphone. If that happens, credit cards and cash in buying stuff or paying bills will no longer be used or needed as much as it is today.

 Aside from the alleged integration of the NFC-based mobile phone payment technology in the iPhone 5, more juicy news leaked, this time, Apple confirmed it upfront. Apple has admitted that they will be using the new iOS 6 for the latest iPhone and one of its trademark applications will be called Passbook. Passbook is an application which can be accessed at the Apple Store. The idea behind this app is to consolidate all important documents to its respective web version. Important documents that can have their web versions are boarding passes, receipts, tickets to movies, concerts and theaters, and other proof of payment. If it is indeed true that Apple will be using the NFC chip, the Passbook application will definitely be more improved as it will have the ability to pay these tickets, meal receipts and other bills through the iPhone too.

Though Google is already offering mobile payments through their Android application Google Wallet on select handheld devices, more people are still looking forward to Apple’s successful use of the NFC technology that is bound to make bills and purchases payment a whole lot easier through Passbook and NFC. After, all, iPhone is the most popular phone to date.