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NFC To Be One Of Many New Features On The iPhone 5

News   •   Jul 29, 2012 18:23 BST

Many rumours that surround the new iPhone 5 are just pure speculation but some are very realistic and will probably feature on the new model. One thing we expect to be boasted by the phone is NFC technology, effectively turning the handset into a virtual wallet.

Many modern smartphones are now being launched boasting NFC technology and the iPhone 5 looks destined to be the next model to add to this growing list. NFC, or Near Field Technology, is a new short range wireless transmission service that is effective and secure at distances up to 8CM. This not only makes it perfect for exchanging data with family and friends but also for completing transactions at NFC supported outlets. Several sample and prototype iPhone 5 models are in circulation and one thing these samples have in common is that they all boast NFC with the chip being located near to the earpiece in most cases. A new aspect of the iOS6 operating system that the phone will use also hints towards NFC being featured on the phone. A new Passbook application is where users can store documents such as coupons and passes and there are suggestions that users debit card details will also be handled. This would enable the iPhone 5 to be used like a virtual wallet to pay for goods and services.

NFC is not likely to be the only change on the new iPhone 5 with dozens of rumours floating around that relate to other aspects of the model. One thing that looks certain to happen is that Apple will cease using the 30 pin dock connector that they have used on all previous models in favour of a new 19 pin port. This will occupy less space on the outside body of the phone meaning Apple may choose to shift the headphone socket from the top edge to the bottom alongside the new dock. The new port will also take up less internal space on the model, allowing developers to produce the slimmest iPhone to date. The new model is set to feature a new metallic design but Apple will once again look to use the famous Retina Display branding on the screen. This screen will be a new version however measuring around 4 inches and offering enhanced resolution in order to maintain pixel density.

We do not have long to wait until the new iPhone 5 is unveiled but we are certain that one of the new features that Apple will focus on will be NFC technology. This will be just one of many changes present on this exciting new device.

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