No bugs for Sony Xperia Update

News   •   Jun 26, 2013 07:00 BST

After a not so good start, owners of Sony Xperia S have begun receiving the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Android version update that started last May. Its release was done in a staggered manner so it will take a little while to reach all Xperia S users. Though this update was done, users still have concern about using the handset. Fret no more because the Xperia S software update will be having an update soon that will fix some bugs brought about by the Jelly Bean update. According to news, the Xperia S will release a new update next month, second week of July to date, that will answer issues about the bugs that came from the latest Android Jelly Bean. Some problems encountered were problems when doing file transfer and other users reported to having problems using the camera application. It is said that the new software will fix these concerns.

There  are users  too that reported to have encountered issues on the easy battery draining even when the device is on a stand-by mode, sometimes the volume keys are not responding. These and other problems led the company to get another update on the Jelly Bean version that will answer the Xperia owners’ concerns especially when it comes to Wi-Fi and 2G connectivity.

There are no confirm reports if Sony will give the same software update for Xperia Acro and Xperia SL but they promised that more news of the Jelly Bean update will be released very soon. It is also said that update for the Xperia ion will take some time because of some related concerns.

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