Nokia Drive + Beta Now Available

News   •   Feb 10, 2013 08:00 GMT

Smartphones these days offer users with the capacity to do almost everything they need. From the capacity to use satellites to help you navigate through your direction to the most high-end compact cameras, name it smartphones almost always have innovative the solutions and offerings. With such endless capacity, smartphone manufacturers like Nokia, is offering a turn by turn navigation through smartphones using their Nokia Drive+Beta for Windows Phone 8.

Previously, Nokia Drive was exclusive only to the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. However, in June 2012 the company announced that they will be removing the exclusivity and begin offering it on Windows Phone Store. In its recent announcement, Microsoft is now offering the Nokia Drive + Beta turn by turn navigation to all users of Windows Phone 8 in UK, US and in Canada.

The new application is still in its beta version, but its users will have the privilege to use the full turn-by-turn voice guided navigation as well as offline maps, day and night modes, and speed limit warnings. In addition to these features, Nokia also specifically added a “feedback” tab wherein users can place their feedbacks and experiences.

Since the app is now available in the Windows Store, other manufacturers that use Windows Phone system can opt to add this application as part of their offerings to their customers, knowing that the operating system Microsoft offers is as powerful and well-detailed that has the capacity to be contest with the built-in apps offered by Google and Apple.

 This recent news released by Microsoft followed the announcement of Windows Phone 8 operating system launch that gained ample market recognition in United Kingdom.

Since US, UK and Canada users are still yet have the chance to take advantage of this new application, there are anticipations that the Nokia Drive+ application will soon be available in other regions. Check out the best mobile phone deals at Mobile Phone Checker and see what stunning Nokia Lumia 920 deals are on offer too.