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Nokia gives rapper 50 Cent a Lumia 1020 for free

News   •   Feb 05, 2014 07:19 GMT

50 Cent has gotten his hands on a brand new Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia’s Windows Phone handset sporting a whopping 41-megapixel camera. Like many celebrities, the star didn’t pay a single cent for the smartphone. It was given to him by Nokia for free.

50 Cent took to Instagram and wrote, “I got a new phone today it's kinda HOT. the camera on it is killing my other phone.”

He then posts a letter from Nokia that reads, “Great seeing you at CES! We caught your interview at USA Today regarding purchasing a new phone simply for the camera… and wanted to save you the trip to the store. Would love if you would give the Lumia 1020 a shot!”

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