Nokia Lumia 1080 WP Review

News   •   Aug 15, 2013 07:00 BST

The Lumia 1080 WP is one of the many smart phones that feature the Windows Phone platform. But unlike Nokia’s other competitors that use the same operating system in their models, the Nokia Lumia 1080 sets itself apart with its 5.5-inch concept and being able to run under WP 8.1. Microsoft also seeks to rebrand itself in the Lumia 1080 with several upgrades, such as a GDR2 Windws Phone update and eventually a GDR3 update that will enable more support for the quad core processors. Smart phone users can also anticipate better looking Full HD displays with the new upgrades on the Lumia 1080.

The specific features of the Lumia 1080 model include a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor that has 2GB RAM, either 64GB or 32GB of internal storage. Adding a 64GB micro SD card to the phone can expand the default internal storage. Smart phone users looking for an upgrade to their current models can also look forward to the large 5.5 inch Full HD super AMOLED display. This brand new feature will be protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 that will assure users of less cracks and scratches. The 16-megapixel clarity of its camera is also quite impressive, given it's about the same levels as most DSLRs and compact camera models.The front facer in the camera also includes battery support in case the phone runs out of energy. Users can even have their fingerprint identified via a scanner on the new Lumia. The new software will also introduce Live Tiles that allow for a more interactive method of placing and finding content and apps on the screen.

Owners of the brand new Nokia Lumia 1080 can also look forward to a brand new hub that signals notifications as soon as you log on. It will be much easier for you to track tweets, emails, SMS, and other data sent over the net or over your line.