Nottingham Agent Ex-Static To Reveal Electric Avenue Number One In Rude Street Name List

News   •   May 07, 2014 20:10 BST

The fascination with rude street names gained mileage in 2011 as The Inbetweeners took part in a Rude Road Trip for Comic Relief, and the media have since compiled national lists, but never a Nottingham specific list- that is until now.

PWR Property Consultants, with offices in Nottingham and Mansfield, has compiled a list of local funny street/place names in the area and has disagreed that the properties carry any less value due to an unusual label.  

PWR’s list of local funny street/place names is below:

1.  Electric Avenue

2.  Willey Lane

3.  Breaston

4.  Ruffs Drive

5.  Ruffs Estate

6.  Bland Lane

7.  Cockhouse Road

8.  Mudpie Lane

9.  Player Street

10.  Traffic Street

Simon Perkins, Partner at PWR Property Consultants, said: “PWR have found no correlation between rude street names and house prices in Nottingham. In the past we have dealt with properties on the Ruffs Estate and have never struggled to sell or let properties in this area”

According to Land Registry data, the report also found 60% of home hunters admitted they would be unlikely to buy a property on a street with an unfortunate name.

The original report focused on such areas as York, Whitby and Durham, finding that properties were significantly less, providing an option for first time buyers or those struggling to get one foot on the property ladder.

Simon, added: “We would encourage sellers or renters of properties on rudely named streets to work with a professional agent who has expert knowledge of the surrounding areas and local amenities.

"For the best chance of successfully selling or letting a property, vendors and landlords should pay attention to improving the property’s interior, ensuring that tired areas are given a makeover and tidying the external areas of the property in order to give them the best possible chance of a successful sale or let”

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