O2 Could Lose Thousands of Users

News   •   Oct 13, 2012 07:00 BST

Back in July, O2 had a service outage that enraged its users. Now in October it’s happened again. With people depending on their smartphone for work, pleasure and important calls with family and friends, outages like this are not acceptable. With the amount of money that companies charge, and O2 is no exception, monthly phone bills shouldn’t have such damming downtime. O2 has been threatened by many customers that they will leave if the poor service continues.

Remember back in the early 2000s when O2 joined the UK’s network choices and it failed to gain signal strength and had many problems? Well, those problems have reared their ugly heads again and once again people are more likely to head towards Orange or T Mobile (which is essentially the same company now). Despite O2 blaming the mad rush hour evening outage, there is no excuse for the signal to be down for so many hours afterwards. Was there any refund for those hours? We doubt it.

Rival operators are loving the fact that O2 is having problems with their service. As Giff Gaff, the free SIM pay monthly provider uses O2’s network it too is losing customers despite their service being cheaper than O2 and pretty much any other network. Orange, Three, T Mobile and Vodafone have enjoyed flawless service over the same periods and many customers have decided against sticking with O2.

That’s not to say that O2 isn’t a great network but in this day and age, downtime just isn’t acceptable when you’re paying £30+ per month for a service. O2 apologies on Sky News for the downtime but many customers were left without service for many hours and at the most popular time of day. We all rely on being able to communicate with friends, family and work colleagues but when you can’t get in touch it can be a little daunting.

There will be an investigation into the service failure and compensation claims are being asked about but it’s highly doubtful that people will be able to pin point the exact amount they are owed. With 4G rolling out soon for T Mobile and Orange customers, things just aren’t going O2’s way. Their PAYG SIM cards and monthly contracts are generally a little more expensive than the other carriers – although you can check to see what PAYG SIM cards and cheap mobile phone contracts are on offer on Mobile Phone Checker – you need to do your homework before you buy. Can you do without service for a number of hours?

Many people stay with carriers for years and years, but in reality they are better comparing smartphone contracts and changing if there is a better deal. It’s not just price but service quality too, and customer service that people are interested in. You don’t want to have to put up with poor service and that’s why people are looking at cheap mobile phone contracts now to swap to a different network carrier.