O2 UK 4G coverage starts, Not Compatible with iPhone

News   •   Aug 06, 2013 07:00 BST

A number of mobile phones have been launched the last few years that is 4G LTE compatible, but just recently, it was not available to consumers in the UK. Things changed when EE Network was launched last year and news had said that the O2 UK 4G will begin soon but it will not be iPhone compatible. O2 had revealed that its 4G network will begin on the end of the month and will be made available in London, Leeds and Bradford. The company is also planning to add 10 cities by the year end and will go up against its rival carrier that covers over 90 cities.

O2’s new network is not compatible with the iPhone 5 because O2 is using another band. But hopes are high that this compatibility concern will be addressed with the release of the next model. Phones like Vodafone had also said that they intend to give 4G services at the later months. O2’s network price is set to start at £26 per month comparing to its competitor which charges £21 just for the data, as of this writing, O2 has not revealed what their pricing will include.

O2 also said that it will not offer unlimited choices for customers but they will be getting a 4G service direct from the carrier and will get a one year free music content. More details abou this will be released soon. At its launch, O2 says that 5 million users will be given an access to the new 4G services with plans of increasing the number by another 2 million per week. By the year end, it will cover several UK cities. Its target by 2015 it to have at least 98% of the population be covered which is earlier than the set date by telecoms regulator. 

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