Olympic Hotels Accept Samsung Galaxy S3 Phones as Keycard

News   •   Jul 26, 2012 07:00 BST

Korean giants, Samsung, has teamed up with the Holiday Inn hotel in Stratford to allow the keycards to be replaced with the Olympics’ official smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Adding to the wealth of technology that is already seen in the S3 those that stay in the 40 or so assigned rooms in the Holiday Inn can use their SmartTouch phone as a phone extension, control the lights and unlock the doors to their rooms.

As the London Olympics 2012 starts on Friday evening and has the Samsung Galaxy S3 special edition smartphones for Olympians and VIPs, they have the unique access to the hotel’s new technology app and configuration from the stunningly-advanced Galaxy SIII. All the VIPs need to do is download the app from the Holiday Inn website and can access their rooms and dim the lights of their bedroom just by using their new phone!

The communications giants are proud to announce this SmartTouch technology as it is already being trailed out for paypoints using their Visa cards, so we are fast-becoming a cashless nation. With the technology at the user’s fingertips and speeding up transactions and everyday things, such as opening a door with a key, the new Samsung Galaxy S3 further advances the Near Field Technology that has been seen in smartphones for some time now, but has yet to be fully utilised until the paypoints and other combinations of technology catch up.

Thanks to more and more remote features in our cars, at work and now at hotels and retail shops, we can speed up access times, remove the need for wasting time with manual aspects of life and quicken up everything we do. As hotels are the next obvious choice for speeding up transactions and being ‘cossetted’ the keycard and room remote control app from the Holiday Inn is just the first in a long line of things that Near Field Communication can help us with. It’s intuitive, smart and effortlessly simple to use, and this is why the Oyster Card in London has had such a wide reception – it’s a cashless system that is effectively a pay-as-you-go system for public transport in and around Central London.

Samsung officials are more than pleased to be able to promote this type of technology in such a prestigious event such as the London 2012 Olympics, and will be looking to see how effective and how well the response is before approaching other hotels in the Holiday Inn chain and other retailers too. The Samsung Galaxy SIII and other smartphones that have NFC technology will change the way that smartphone makers can affect the retail world as well as many more industries. Life as we know it today will soon be very different in a few months – which again is another reason why the iPhone 5 has to be spot on for the technology that is available at the time and what consumers want!

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