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On Demand Content Coming To Sky Go For The HTC One X

News   •   Jul 23, 2012 07:57 BST

The new HTC One X is the latest flagship device released by HTC. The large screen and great connectivity options on this phone make it perfect for video playback and on demand services. One of the best apps to deliver this sort of material is Sky Go and a new update for this model makes this software even better than before.

Sky Go is an application developed by Sky TV and is designed to give subscribers to the Sky television service access to their TV package while on the move. A large number of stations are available and the quality is very high. A new update to this app for the HTC One X delivers a number of improvements, all of which will benefit the consumer. Movie subscribers will appreciate that the fact that they now have access to hundreds of on demands movies in addition to the channels that they already received. This means that users can select a film to watch at any time of the day and not be restricted to specific start times. More channels have also been added to the line up including new on demand services for stations such as Sky Atlantic and Sky Go. This means that users can access great comedy and drama shows in addition to the superb movies and sport packages already available.

The HTC One X really is the perfect device to help Sky Go users get the ultimate quality from their handset. The models sports a large 4.7 inch screen which makes it perfect for displaying video content. The screen offers a very high resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels which results in an outstanding pixel density of 312PPI. The model also boasts some excellent connectivity options that ensure that users can get a speedy internet connection regardless of their location. To get the best quality from Sky Go a WiFi connection is recommended and the One X supports all three speeds of WiFi that are currently available. Users who are on the move will also be able to take advantage of the excellent 3G connectivity offered by the phone in order to enjoy the best quality while travelling or on the move.

The HTC One X is a superb phone and Sky Go is one of the very best applications for viewing television and on demand services. A wide selection of content is available and the great specification of the phone gives the perfect platform for viewing such material.

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