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Online marketing - The effects of effective anchortext backlinks

News   •   Oct 12, 2010 14:13 BST

Online marketing in essence, involves a variety of techniques, termed off page and on page. These relate to the aspect of both the websites optimisation as well as off page, relating to external website targeting optimisation techniques. On page, relates to the content and a variety of additional features such as the meta tag information, h1, h2 tags as well as keyword density, which relates to the amount of times the keyword is utilised within the content of the page. Off page relates to a variety of techniques that generally consist of obtaining back links.

Of all of the techniques relating to Online marketing and website optimisation, one of the most difficult is obtaining efective and useful back links. A back link, is a link from external website to the individuals website. They can be no follow or do follow, which in essence relates to a feature within the coding which either passes some authority (juice), or requests that search engines do not follow that particular link and provide it with any relevance. Back links, are the life blood of any reputable online marketing services technique, as they provide search engines with vital information related to the content of the website itself. One of the key elements when obtinaing backlinks is to utilise anchor text, which is the keyword that the particular page relates to and that the website owner wishes to be visible within search results for. Another factor is the location or geo-targeting factor, with Google seemingly keen to provide U.K. based results for UK-based searches, this element of backlinks has grown in importance.

With the recent change in algorithm, by Google, which has been termed caffeine, the emphasis now seems to be on constantly updated content. This means that websites that have content that has not been changed for some time, may well find that their rankings have dropped. This is because Google, as stated by themselves, are looking to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information and content for its users, which means that constantly updated content, which is relevant to the search request, will often rank better than websites where the content has not changed for a considerable amount of time. This is why off page marketing options such as article directories provide an ideal opportunity to obtain contextual, natural one-way anchor text back links, as the more prominent and renowned article directories, will have constantly updated content, in the form of fresh articles, provided on a daily basis.

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