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Online module on Child Protection launched to support Clinical Staff in NHSScotland

News   •   Oct 01, 2012 11:12 BST

All staff working in the NHS need to know how to protect children. NHS Education for Scotland
(NES), the national body responsible for educating and training healthcare staff, has
developed an online child protection educational resource that is now available to all clinical
staff in NHSScotland: http://www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/home/learning-and-cpd/learningspaces/child-online-protection.aspx
Introducing the resource, Jane Cantrell said: “The module can be used in a variety of ways.
Individual practitioners will be able to fulfil continuing professional development requirements
in protecting children. Reflection in relation to this learning can then be recorded in e-ksf or
within a portfolio. Discussing issues raised within the resource with colleagues and managers
will be a key element of learning.
“In addition, managers can use the resource as a component of their child protection education
and training frameworks. The module has been designed so that it can be downloaded from
our Knowledge Network onto local learning management systems for integration with other
learning resources as required.”
This interactive module raises awareness for practitioners of the need to recognise and report
situations where there might be a need for protection. The module places protecting children
within the Getting It Right for Every Child framework. It contains activities, reflective questions
and video casts from key experts within the area of child protection. It takes approximately 2½
hours to complete and supports Level 1 in the NES Core Competency Framework for the
Protection of Children. Page 2 of 3
The NES Core Competency framework describes the key areas of child protection work that
are common and core across all disciplines, professions and staff groups with a clinical role. It
also describes the recommended core knowledge and understanding necessary to support
these areas of work.
This framework is closely aligned to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (NHS
KSF)(Scottish Executive, 2004). It takes the specific dimension HWB3 Protection of Health and
Wellbeing as the basis for development and has four levels:
Practitioners and managers will also be able to use both the Framework and supporting on-line
resource to support induction planning and assist in meeting individual practitioner’s
identified child protection learning needs.
The module has been endorsed by practitioners. "This is a very welcome to e-learning module
that will be of benefit to any practitioner working with children, parents, or carers of children. It
is an interactive and reflective learning resource that will enable staff to recognise and respond
to children who may be at risk of harm. Activities within it focus on the needs of children and
the responsibilities of staff to keep children safe. I consider it to be an essential addition to any
child protection training programme and look forward to using it” said Phyllis Smart, Consultant
Nurse Child Protection, NHS Grampian"
NES also supports uni-professional groups with their child protection learning. Specific
learning resources are available for junior doctors, newly qualified pharmacists and dentists: