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Oslo Airport receives prestigious environment award

News   •   Jun 25, 2014 09:53 BST

On Tuesday last week, Oslo Airport was awarded ACI’s ECO Innovation Award. Awarded for the fifth time this year, this is the first time Oslo Airport has won the prize. "The justification for giving us the award is our systematic and comprehensive work on environment issues, and of course we are elated," says Managing Director Nic. Nilsen. 

Presented at ACI's general meeting in Frankfurt on Tuesday evening, the award was accepted by Thomas Langeland, airport manager at Kjevik Airport. Langeland heads the Regional Airports Forum in ACI Europe. For Oslo Airport, the award is proof that its work on the environment is being noticed. 

"It is highly satisfactory that our efforts relating to the environment stand out, as this has been an important part of our strategy since we opened in 1998," says Nilsen, adding:

"This award shows that we are on the right track in our environmental work, and of course this is a recognition we are proud of."

The ECO Innovation Award is given to the airport that has demonstrated outstanding environmental performance, and in particular an innovative approach to environmental leadership.

The award is evaluated based on a number of criteria including  environmental awareness, greenhouse gas emissions, stakeholder involvement, emissions and noise.

Here are a few of the environmental measures that Oslo Airport has prioritised in recent years:

Energy measures
This relates to renewable energy and Oslo Airport's traditional thinking in terms of groundwater heat exchange.

In connection with the development of the airport, Oslo Airport stipulated a requirement that the demand for electricity per square metre in the Terminal must be half of that of the new and modern building that opened in 1998. In taking on the challenge, architects and engineers came up with solutions including a plan to use Oslo Airport's snow deposits for cooling the Terminal during the summer.

Oslo Airport is committed to phasing out fossil energy such as burning oil.

Clean groundwater
Oslo Airport has devoted considerable resources to maintaining a clean groundwater source, as the airport is located directly on top of a potential future source of drinking water.

Airspace and aircraft noise
Oslo Airport was the first airport in the world to apply the "Point Merge" system, which combines high capacity with predictable aircraft paths.  Oslo Airport puts a lot of effort into avoiding traffic over the most densely populated areas.

Over the past year, Oslo Airport has tested curved approaches, and has early implemented this as a permanent system for approach.

Greenhouse gas emissions
The manner in which Oslo Airport handles its greenhouse gas emissions has qualified the airport for the highest ACA (Airport Carbon Accreditation) certification. This certification came as a result of Oslo Airport’s preparation of a greenhouse gas inventory consistent with ISO 14064. The carbon account must also be verified by a third party, and Det Norske Veritas carried out this task for Oslo Airport.