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Otrum News #4

News   •   May 27, 2014 13:16 BST

Otrum News #4

In this issue of Otrum News, you can read about how hotel guests can enjoy their own content through Otrum Enterprise, our trend-setting Guest Internet Login Page as well as new technology and distribution partnerships. Open full web version of the newsletter

AirPlay content sharing for hotel TVs with 

Modern travellers bring their own devices and content with them, and expect good connectivity to enjoy it at their hotels. Otrum accommodates these guests by providing information and entertainment on their terms, on their own devices, without any hotel app to download. Otrum Enterprise offers easy screen sharing through AirPlay, DLNA & Miracast, in addition to a full interactive system for tablets, smartphones and TVs.

Watch our YouTube clip http://youtu.be/mVjyBAn_pXs, to see how easy we have made it for hotel guests to connect and enjoy their own content.

Guest Internet Login Page by 

A remarkable Guest Internet experience should start with an amazing login page. That¹s why we have created a fast and intuitive one, which reflects the responsiveness and quality of the Internet service provided by Otrum.

Our Login Page is designed in HTML5 and adapts gracefully to any device display. The graphics can be branded to your visual identity, while the layout is kept consistent to provide a user-friendly experience for the guests. The advanced configuration options are hidden behind two simple choices: Free or Paid access. Hotels can create special VIP and delegate service configurations that are only available with voucher codes distributed through Reception. Normally, guests simply input their room number and last name, select their service level and start.

Free Internet users can upgrade their access speed at any time in the upgrade tab left open in their web browser. Free internet is very important at the booking stage of a stay, while fast Internet access is very important when you actually need it. Our Guest Internet Login Page makes it easy to upgrade. Watch the YouTube clip: http://youtu.be/jZQi4d5Jrzw

Otrum and WISI sign agreement to equip hotels with world-class TV solutions

Otrum and WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI), provider of world-class TV and broadband network solutions, have announced the signature of a technology and sales agreement. Otrum will be integrating WISI¹s next generation headend systems Chameleon and Tangram, and the Compact Headend OH in its market leading hospitality solutions.

Read the full Press Release: http://bit.ly/RvGECo

Three new companies join the Otrum Partner Network

The Otrum Partner Network has seen substantial growth in the last year, and now expands to Italy, Libya and Malta with Smart Technologies International and Portugal with 2007 Com. We also have a new partner in Romania, Maltirom iCapital. We are thrilled to have these great companies onboard, expertly introducing Otrum to their local markets and creating exciting, new opportunities for growth.

Read the full stories:

2007Com & Smart Technologies

Maltirom iCapital accouncement:

International pages on Otrum.com

On our website, www.otrum.com, you will now be able to find translated presentations of our core products and services. You can select your preferred language on the top-right in the website header. The pages are localised in these languages:


Did you know that...?

Free WiFi and breakfast is the most important hotel amenity for travellers?
Otrum WiFi access: http://www.otrum.com/solutions/guest-internet/)

Otrum Enterprise offers more than 20 software features by Otrum R&D?
Otrum Enterprise features: http://www.otrum.com/products/otrum-enterprise/

About Otrum

Otrum creates multi-platform smart solutions for the hospitality industry. It is a leading supplier of interactive IPTV, guest internet, networks, digital signage, movies and TV channels in the EMEA, Asia and Latin America. Otrum is a privately owned Norwegian technology company with Telenor as the largest shareholder. Additional information can be found at www.otrum.com