More guides for Outlook and Lync 2013

News   •   Dec 10, 2013 13:37 GMT

Our range just keeps on growing. Among other things, this month we have turned our attention to Outlook and Lync!

As always we are continuing our work to add to our expanding range of interactive guides. This month we have added a number of interactive Lync 2013 guides in Norwegian/English.

For those who would rather read brief instructions, we have also added guides for Outlook 2013 in Norwegian. Guides that were already available in Swedish and English. If you are more interested in Lync 2013, we haved now added guides in Swedish/English, and here too there are other languages available, as we already have guides in Swedish, Norwegian and English.

We have three different kinds of guides to help users find answers to their questions. We use text guides for simple, basic instructions, video guides for demonstrations and interactive guides (e-learning) for those who want to practise certain actions. This means we can meet various kinds of people who can use the guide format that best resolves their own problems.

Read more about our range of text and interactive guides here!