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Patent shows possible iWatch design

News   •   Jul 03, 2013 08:01 BST

A patent has been uncovered, showing us what the iWatch could look like. Apple’s smartwatch is a timepiece with features just like the iPhone.

Apple Insider has found an Apple patent that shows us the possible iWatch design. It says, “Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,477,114 for “Electronic device, display and touch-sensitive user interface” describes a method of deploying a touch-sensitive bezel which extends over a portion of a portable device display, and can hide or reveal that area on command.

“The patent describes a system in which a portable device’s display is partly overlapped by a touch-enabled bezel that is either partially, or entirely, light-transmissive. In the patent, the screen is split into two sections, the uncovered “active viewing area” and the covered “second portion” of the display.”

The site adds, “While mere speculation, the patent could conceivably be used in a wearable computing device, allowing for pleasing aesthetics while maximizing utility. Apple is widely rumored to be planning a wristwatch-like product, dubbed the “iWatch,” which many believed will be dominated by a multitouch screen. Most recently, the company has been on a worldwide "iWatch" trademark application spree after making a number of filings earlier in June.”

Is this the rumoured iWatch? Drop a comment below.

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