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News   •   Nov 16, 2011 15:15 GMT

nformation published on the website indicates that the rules governing permitted development rights have been extended to cover the installation of Air Source Heat Pumps. Although subject to a number of conditions covering installation around conservation areas and listed buildings for example, this effectively means that under most circumstances Air Source Heat Pumps can now be installed without the need for planning permission. 

Also among the stipulations listed in the document under Class G covering the ‘Installation of Domestic Microgeneration Equipment’ is the condition that the heat pumps installed must comply with the MCS Planning Standards, something units supplied by Ice Energy are able to do. 

Ice Energy managing Director Andrew Sheldon welcomed the decision to extend the rules saying “This is excellent news for people considering renewable energy products as it effectively removes one of the barriers to installation, namely the planning red tape which can often result in significant delays to a project. It is also a very positive step with the Renewable Heat Incentive coming next year which will potentially enable owners of this technology to benefit from annual grants.” 

However, Mr. Sheldon warned that there are still caveats to the directive which people considering heat pump technology need to be aware of. 

“There are still a number of important considerations to be taken into account when specifying a heat pump system for a property which is why choosing the right installation partner is of paramount importance. Having specified and installed air source systems for a number of years now, the experience and expertise gained by Ice Energy will undoubtedly benefit homeowners and developers considering the use of this technology.” 

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Full details of the Amendment can be viewed here