Personalised Exercise Android Plug-In

News   •   Oct 16, 2012 13:00 BST

We live in a world where we work, play, exercise and sleep. Our routines are laid out by our working conditions. An early trip to the gym and a quick shower before work, during lunch or just afterwards before heading home, we tend to go to the gym as part of our daily routine. However, at your gym when you’re on the exercise bike, running machine or rowing machine the music that’s played or videos on the TV screens can be distracting, until now that is.

Google Android has enabled you to be able to plug your Android smartphone into the machine you’re working on and listen to your favourite tracks or watch videos on your Galaxy Note 2 while you’re jogging. Life Fitness is the first exercise machine to take on-board the technology and install jacks to let you plug your Android smartphone in. The mini-USB port is ideal for the smallest of Android phones and it means that your phone can recharge while you’re exercising – which, let’s face it, is perfect as you’re probably looking for a phone charger by the end of a busy day at work.

The new range of exercise machines that have this facility on-board include the Discover SI Treadmills, Elevation Series Discover SE, Cross Trainers, Lifecycle Exercise Bikes and more to come. The 19” touchscreen display lets you see all of your details, songs and videos that you have on your smartphone on a bigger scale. You can track your heart rate and workout which is automatically kept on your smartphone for checking back at a later date and visualising your fitness levels.

The exercise part of it all, compared to the interactivity and entertainment means you can check on your pace, calories, heart rate, time remaining etc which means that there is no need for the Life Fitness machines to include that on them so they can be cheaper to make, bar having the ability to run an Android device and display everything on the touchscreen.

Life Fitness is going to make an Open API so that developers can make more apps for exercise machines and it means that over platforms can be taken advantage of. It’s a great change in the way that exercise machines will work in the future, as it means newer apps and technology can be added to the same ones without needing to remove it from service to install new programs or replace it completely.

This level of technology could rage on throughout other forms of machinery that we use every day. We already see most of it in cars, which are soon to stop making pre-installed sat nav devices as smartphones have overtaken that segment of the market, and it could spell the end of needing a key because your smartphone could be used to start your car.

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