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Photo of back panel of international version of Sony XPERIA Z1f reportedly leaked

News   •   Dec 31, 2013 11:26 GMT

A Chinese site has leaked a photo, showing a back panel of a Sony smartphone. The smartphone is said to be the international version of the XPERIA Z1f, believed to be called the XPERIA Z1 Mini.

Digi-Wo, the Chinese-speaking site, is responsible for the leak. The leaked photo was then spotted by XperiaGuide. According to the site, “Just 7 days before CES 214 event another very clear image of so called Xperia Z1 Mini international edition i.e. Sony D5503 has surfaced up. As per the tipster on forum Digi-Wo it may see its launch in China on 3 Jan 2014 hopefully ( Chinese edition ). Leaked image of Xperia Z1 Mini /Sony D5503 Back Panel resembles very much to previous leaked images of Sony D5503.”

The site adds, “Image clearly shows 20.7 MP Cam branding with “G” Lens, Flash in horizontal direction with camera lens as compared to Xperia Z1 where it is below camera lens and a 3.5mm headhone jack slightly position towards center with a Sony and Xperia branding at back panel.”

Speaking about the possible unveiling, the site says, “If rumors are to be believed we may see Sony launching Xperia Z1 Mini / Sony D5503 and Xperia Z1S ( Facelift edition ) of Xperia Z1 at CES 2014 event or MWC2014.”

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