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Plastic Version Of The HTC One Rumoured For 2014

News   •   Jul 12, 2013 21:09 BST

Although it now faces tough competition from a number of more recently released competitors, the HTC One remains one of the most successful smartphone models of 2013. Thanks to its innovative spec list and stylish design, the phone has achieved an enviable reputation and clocked up millions of sales since it was launched earlier this year.

The HTC One certainly stands out on account of its styling, thanks to its eye catching aluminium casing which also makes it one of most durable and premium feeling devices on the market. Its spec list includes a number of high-end features like a 4 Ultrapixel camera, 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, 4.7 inch 1080p LCD display, Android Jellybean OS and Sense 5.0 UI. Of course, although the HTC One is the company's flagship device, HTC has a number of other high-end devices to its name. These include the HTC Butterfly (and recently announced follow up, the HTC Butterfly S), but these are currently restricted to certain markets in Asia.

It has recently been revealed by Pocket Lint that HTC is planning to release a new model with the features of both the HTC One and the HTC Butterfly S. Apparently, the device will follow a similar format to the flagship model, but its casing will be replaced with plastic instead of aluminium. Additionally, the features of the handset will be similar to those of the HTC Butterfly S. The reason for such a phone would likely be an attempt to offer a more affordable version of the HTC One, allowing HTC to further increase its market share. Visit our website for the latest HTC One news, where we also compare the best HTC One contracts.

Of course, this device has not been officially announced by the manufacturer, and Pocket Lint reports that the phone is likely to hit the market at some point in 2014. We are of course still waiting for two new versions of the HTC One to hit the market this year, the HTC One Mini and the HTC One Max. These are set to be a smaller, lower spec but more affordable version of the flagship device, and a larger screened phablet model respectively.

Unfortunately, no further information about the device has been revealed, but once we hear of any updates we will of course let you know.