Play your part in building a resilient organization

News   •   Feb 23, 2017 15:57 GMT

The countdown has begun for Business Continuity Awareness Week (15th - 19th May 2017). We are only a few months away, and now we have published the posters that will be used to promote the week. The theme for BCAW this year is cyber security, and we have produced a series of six posters that all display the message:

Cyber security is everyone's responsibility
Play your part in building a resilient organization

The posters all highlight an activity that each and every one of us can do in order to help improve cyber security, not just within our organization, but within our own personal cyber world as well. They all seem quite simple, and you might think we shouldn't need reminding of these, but the report we will be publishing during BCAW suggests otherwise.

The posters are free to download either as a PDF in various shapes and sizes, or as an image file. They are also available with or without bleeds depending on whether you would like to print from your own computer, or you would like to get them professionally printed. Make sure you display these posters prominently in your workplace or any other suitable location, and share the image versions through your social media channels to really spread the message.