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Possible HTC U Turn On Android 4.2 Update For The HTC One S

News   •   Jul 10, 2013 11:38 BST

HTC are one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world and a popular device of theirs is the mid range HTC One S phone.  A few weeks ago the company revealed that they would not be releasing the new Android 4.2 update for this handset which resulted in angry users filing a petition online.  It now looks as though HTC are reconsidering the matter.

  After millions of HTC One S users were left disappointed at news of the lack of a new Android update for the phone a glimmer of hope has been issued by a spokesperson for the Taiwanese manufacturers.  Last week we broke the news that one user of this device had created an online petition at attempting to get HTC to change their minds on this matter and this seems to have had an effect.  Speaking to leading tech site Know Your Mobile the petition creator  Dylan Richards, revealed he had been contacted by a supporter who had managed to speak with HTC themselves on this matter.

The comments made by the spokesperson at HTC certainly make it look as though an update may be arriving.  The spokespersons exact role within the company is not known but they did confirm that they had not finalised the Android 4.2 update process as yet and to keep an eye on their official Facebook and Twitter pages for more news.  Not happy with this response the supporter pushed further and was told "We are waiting for an final information from our specialist department. So I cannot say you anything about this case. Please wait for a few time [sic], so we can tell you more about this".   This is by no means the confirmation that HTC One S users have been waiting for but it certainly shows that the company are seriously considering the matter.  At the moment the petition is just shy of its target of 5000 signatures.  Hundred of HTC One S Vodafone offers here

It seems as though the power of the consumer has worked on this occasion as manufacturers HTC are considering a new update for their HTC One S device after initially declaring that one would not be released.