Possible Microsoft Surface Phone on the Cards

News   •   Oct 20, 2012 07:00 BST

Although the Microsoft Surface tablet PC hasn’t been released yet, there are talks of a new Microsoft Surface smartphone being thrown around. Instead of hanging onto the always-failing Nokia, Microsoft could well be entering the smartphone market by itself, similar to the way that Google is thinking of ditching Samsung for its Nexus phones – or using Asus, which is dominating the tablet market.

Whether a Surface smartphone will ‘surface’ isn’t definite yet but there are many rumours that would suggest that it’s a possibility. In order to spur the project on, Microsoft may still use Nokia for its Windows Phones but it could join forces with HTC or even Samsung again to help drive the new ideas ahead. Mutterings were said at conferences that Microsoft is happy with the uniqueness that Nokia brings to its operating systems and smartphones, but with sales figures of the stunning Nokia Lumia 900 range being much lower than Samsung and Apple, it begs the question of would Microsoft be better off going it alone?

Having said that, the Nokia Lumia 920 is a fantastic phone and is helped to reach that status from the incredible Windows Phone 8 operating system. The  floating tiles and customisation as well as full usability makes it a little more intuitive than Android or the blighted iOS6. This bodes well for the future and if the operating system is starting to be taken on by more manufacturers – Samsung are gearing up to release one – then it does make sense for Microsoft to go the whole hog and go it alone.

However, getting the majority of phone users to switch from Android will probably only really happen if Google start playing its old tricks of charging, bullying people into giving up more information than they want to, or just simply get outed by a better system. We’re so use to Google at the moment that people should stop and cast their minds back to how other systems and companies have grown and then diminished. It’s a cyclical route of business and we could be on the cusp of something new, and Microsoft wants to continue its successes and enter the smartphone market.

The Microsoft Surface tablet already looks like a mean competitor for the tablet world and if the firm does bring a smartphone out we will be first to have it on our mobile phone contract comparison website.

With more rivals battling against each other, the Oppo Find 5 coming soon, and the iPhone 5 being slightly disappointing, there is only the Samsung Galaxy S3 that is really worth looking at. With the Nokia Lumia 920 deals seeming appealing you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s the best decision to go for as Microsoft are on the way back up bringing Nokia with it, hopefully. However, if you do decide to go for a Nokia Lumia 920 then check out the PAYG SIM deals and contract offers first to see what is more affordable for you.