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Potential Rivals To The New iPhone 5

News   •   Aug 19, 2012 11:19 BST

It looks as though we are only a few weeks away from seeing the new iPhone 5 officially unveiled. It is expected that this model may well prove the best handset launched in 2012 although rival manufacturers also have devices lined up that look set to give the new Apple handset a run for its money. Recently HTC have built a great reputation for producing high quality mobile device that offer great looks and features. Models like the Desire and the One X have proved a big hit with consumers and the company are set to unveil a new model that they hope will compete directly with the new iPhone 5. The new HTC Zenith looks set to be a very special model. In terms of specification it is very similar to the One X with a larger 4.7 inch screen and powerful quad core Snapdragon processor. Where this model differs however is that it will feature the brand new Windows 8 operating system. This exciting new OS looks set to become a hit with the public and many consumer bored with iOS and Android may turn their attentions to this new device.

Over the past two years Samsung have been Apple's closest rival in the smartphone market and their new Galaxy Note 2 handset may prove stiff competition for the iPhone 5. The handset is the follow up to the original Galaxy Note and will once again sport a very large 5.3 inch display, making it the perfect smartphone/tablet crossover device. The new iPhone is set to feature a larger 4.08 inch screen than previous generations but consumers wanting a little more size may opt for the new Samsung phone. 2GB of RAM will feature on the Galaxy Note 2 along with the Android Jelly Bean operating system, the latest version of this very popular software.

One company who are establishing a growing reputation for excellent device is Huawei. Their Ascend D Quad model was unveiled back in February but the model is still yet to be officially released. This may prove unexpected competition to the iPhone 5 thanks to a high quality 4.5 inch screen that can display a Retina Display beating 330 PPI pixel density. The developers also state that the phone is the fastest available thanks to a very powerful quad core processor. With the new iPhone also set to be one of the quickest devices around both of these handsets will appeal to consumer who are looking at speed as a key factor in their purchasing decision.

There is no question that the iPhone 5 will be a very popular phone but there are new models set for release that may prove stiff competition. The models we have discussed will all be hoping to cash in on any short comings that the new iPhone offers and are all excellent phones in their own right.

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