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Pre Orders Begin In China For The iPhone 5

News   •   Jul 23, 2012 11:17 BST

The lack of an official launch date for the new iPhone 5 has not deterred one retailer from starting to take orders for this eagerly awaited new phone. We are expecting to see the model released sometime between August and October, much to the delight of the public.

Chinese retailer Taobao have begun to take orders from customers eager to get their hands on the new iPhone 5. The retailer are reported to be taking a minimum deposit of $160 dollars from consumers and new agency Reuters have reported that some of their outlets are asking customers to cough up the full price of the phone in advance, a cool $1100. Sellers with the company are looking to ship in the handsets from the United States and Hong Kong where it will be officially launched prior to a Chinese release. Although they are not able to offer confirmed specification of the model they are using a host of internet rumours that surround the model along with reported leaked shots of the new model. With the official release drawing ever nearer many of the rumours that currently surround the model are likely to prove correct or at least have some truth about them.

The fact that Taobao have started taking orders for this phone demonstrates the fact that this model is destined to be one of the most popular handsets of all time. Not only are Apple likely to treat us to some great new features on the iPhone 5 but we will also see a change in design for the first time in three years. The iPhone 4 and 4S, the last two generations of this phone both sported identical glass designs so a change in the look of the phone is overdue. Apple are set to feature a new metallic body on this new model which looks destined to be slightly larger than the iPhone 4S as it will feature a larger display measuring around 4 inches. This will please many Apple fans who have been crying out for a larger display ever since the first iPhone was launched. Other new features are set to include a quad core processor and a more powerful Siri service designed to interact with applications and also to answer sports and movie questions.

We can expect to see numerous companies begin to start taking orders for this special new phone. When the model is finally unveiled it is sure to offer eye catching looks with a mouth watering specification.

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