Price will decide if it is iPad Mini 2 or iPod Touch

News   •   Jun 15, 2013 07:00 BST

Apple’s 2013 World Wide Developers Conference is getting closer. With the coming of the WWDC2013, lots of people are looking forward to see new hardware features from the company but this seems to be not the case as Apple’s CEO stated in his previous interview that there would be no new hardware that is going to be introduced until the end of the year. Though no new hardware, people do not stop to grade and look at some of Apple devices that is set to be released ahead of the WWDC 2013. Though this is the case, there are still choices to make is it iPhone or iPad mini 2; or the just released iPod touch? Would it be possible that iPod will lose its place in the market? This will be dependent on the price of other devices.

There are rumours that the release of iPhone 5S will be in the fall coinciding with the iPad mini 2. The names of these devices are not yet released nor confirmed. It is to some people’s thinking that the iPhone 5S will be released this year with iPhone 6 next year. It is being anticipated too that the next iPhone will have a minor revision to the next in line iPhone. There are also rumours of a low cost iPhone which will be made from polycarbonate rather than having a steel case.

As the news of the iPhone becomes popular, iPad mini 2 is also set for release later this year and more than one model is said to be released. It is said that the iPad mini is set to compete with the next iPhone; a cheaper iPad mini 2 version is said to be released too.Is iPod touch coming too? If there is a cheaper iPhone 5S that will appear and a low cost iPad mini 2 is said to be released also, it seems that the iPod touch will be left behind and will result to it losing its appeal and unique spot among other Apple gadgets.

There is a previous report about the budget iPhone that will have lower specifications, when this rumour circulated; readers are advised not to take the report highly. However, only a few days ago, the rumours of cheaper iPhone emerged including a new report that there would be 2 iPhones that will be released soon.

It is said that iPod does not have a service agreement and users can use this device for games; a larger display of the iPad mini 2 will be a great idea. Apple will get an edge on its devices with the launch of the budget friendly versions of the iPad mini and the iPhone.

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