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Printing is easier with iPhone 4S AirPrint

News   •   May 06, 2012 14:23 BST

The best contracts for iPhone 4S include wireless AirPrint printing capabilities which allow you to print directly form your handset from a compatible printer. Previously only third party apps on the iPhone 4 prices had offered the ability to link to printers, however the manufacturer has stepped in to produce a built-in app of its own which allows you to print seamlessly from the device. With the tap of an onscreen button you can now print emails, documents, photos and web pages from the handset without the need for downloading a third party application form the App Store, adding any printer drivers or using cables such as USB to the docking connector. From within applications such as Mail or the Safari web browser you can now choose the option to print, and as with your computer view a list of printers available, select your options and hit the print tab. The printing is done completely wirelessly through WiFi with compatible wireless printers being seamlessly found by the device and then used as a printer. This provides a long range and extreme ease, with any new or recently new printers on the market with the capability respectively, being able to be used by AirPrint. One of the best things about this functionality is that it is built in to the iPhone 4S out of the box along with its other preinstalled applications, and offers immediate printing opportunities form apps such as Mail, iWork, Photos or PDF documents onscreen. Whatever you view onscreen, and indeed can view on the large Retina display, you are likely to be able to print. Better still, the app will automatically adjust what you are printing to suit the printer, so it will print a document from Pages (word processor) to A4 paper or photos form a photo loading tray if its found to be present on the printer you use. The feature works with all other built-in applications, as well as being supported by many third party apps as well. AirPrint enabled printers are also available and offer instant support for the feature, printers form well-known brands including HP, Epson and Canon are among those with support and overall allowing you to make life easier and faster. AirPrint is among one of many new features and hundreds of functions that the iPhone 4S has introduced and is able to meet in an effort to be a truly mazing handset. Along with its other hardware and the new iOS 5 operating system and all other preloaded apps, this feature is yet another invaluable resource on a great device.