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Production Of The iPhone 5S Tipped To Begin In July

News   •   Jul 16, 2013 20:49 BST

Despite the fact that it now faces increasingly impressive competition from rival manufacturers like Samsung and HTC, the Apple iPhone 5 remains one of the best selling smartphone models on the market. The commercial success achieved by this device has of course led to plenty of speculation about its follow up device, beleived to be called the Apple iPhone 5S. In recent weeks, there has been an increasing amount of speculation regarding its features, along with leaked images of purported iPhone 5S handsets appearing online.

Of course, we are still awaiting an official announcement of the iPhone 5S from Apple itself, but a number of industry analysts have recently been reporting their opinions about when production of the phone will commence and when it will hit the market. A well known industry analyst called Peter Misek his recently published his opinions on when the iPhone 5S will enter production, GSM Arena reports. His report claims that the device will enter production by the end of July.

He has also claimed that the iPhone Light, which is rumoured to be a budget iPhone model may already have entered production. This information backs up recently revealed news that Foxconn has recently hired a large number of additional employees. Foxconn is one of Apple's key manufacturing partners in Asia, so the expansion of its workforce certainly suggests the imminent production of a new Apple device.

Peter Misek has also claimed that the iPhone 5S will be officially announced in either late September or early October. Combined with speculation of its imminent production, we would expect the phone to hit the market very shortly after its announcement. Visit our website for the cheapest iPhone 5 contracts in the UK.

Obviously, official details of the features of the iPhone 5S are not available currently, as the device is yet to be announced. However, speculation has suggested that the phone's key features will include an upgraded processor and camera over the current iPhone 5, along with the addition of a fingerprint scanner and LTE-A connectivity, and of course the recently announced iOS 7 software update.

We will be sure to keep you posted with the latest info on the iPhone 5S, as we expect more details regarding its features, release date and availability to be revealed in the near future.