Q2 Sees Samsung Smash Targets With 52 Million Sales

News   •   Jul 25, 2012 13:00 BST

Samsung, the Korean giants, has smashed its sales figures in the second quarter of 2012 with 52 million handsets being sold. That figure is more than double what Apple managed to shift of its iPhones and puts yet more pressure on the new iPhone 5 that is due out sometime this year. The Samsung firm has been shifting 5 million handsets per month since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S2, but now with more handsets and tablets being created the firm is simply going from strength to strength.

The shocking figures of 10.1 million phones in just 1.5 months is not just down to the new Samsung Galaxy S3 deals that are available either, all of the other Galaxy handsets in the range are hitting and exceeding their targets too. With the Android OS upgrades as well as a targeted TV adverts and special offers to entice more sales, the group has leveraged its brand and gained yet more global presence and strength in a tricky market. Apple is set to bounce back with the cat-and-dog fight that we normally see, with less products too, but the firm also has the ever faithful group of customers that need the latest handset that is produced from its iPhone range.

As it stands, Apple needs to take a long hard look at what is on the market right now and what is coming out soon. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is wiping the floor with most other makers, LG want in on the action, the Sony Xperia S is tremendous and the HTC One X cannot be forgotten about either! With the iPhone 5 needing something very special to add to the killer feature Siri, it cannot just be another brand-squeezing exercise from the firm. It needs to have extra special features that are going to last for a few years as well as have similar features to what is already out there on the market right now.

It cannot just fill the gap. It needs to make the gap further away from the competition and take the smartphone industry to the next level. The company are basing most of its sales on the iPhone 5 off the back of the impressive 4S, but with Samsung having so many different handsets in different segments of the market, the top drawer needs to have an Apple logo on it if the firm want to remain competitive.

The screen needs to be larger, as the 4S’s 3.5” one is dwarfed by the S3’s 4.8” one. iOS6 needs to be ultra-impressive and better than Android’s latest Jelly Bean, and what’s more, we need to stop talking about it and start being able to buy it. We’ve waited long enough for the iPhone 5 as the 4S was a stretched iPhone 4 last year. Now we want to see how much effort has gone into it but of course, as we’re locked in a recession we will need plenty of iPhone 5 deals to choose from.