Quad-Core Processor Winging its Way to the iPhone 5

News   •   Jul 21, 2012 13:00 BST

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was basically brought out to compete with the iPhone 5 before it was even launched. It’s carrying on the Galaxy S2’s sales pattern of “incredible” and will no doubt continue into the end of the year. We’ve seen Samsung tick customers’ boxes with their stunning displays, funky handsets and fantastic performance, but now its Apple’s turn to push the Galaxy S3 aside.

There are already iPhone 5 deals kicking around as retailers battle for position in a market place that doesn’t even exist yet. As expected there are rumours surrounding Near Field Connectivity (NFC), a quad-core processor and LTE. The iPad is due a processor upgrade and the A6 must be on its way, as we’ve seen three versions of the A5X. As other competitors are on the quad-core bandwagon – most laptops aren’t even that powerful! – it would be churlish for Apple not to keep up with the latest technology for smartphones.

There is a possible allegiance with Samsung’s processor maker Exynos, so it could run on the same chip as the Galaxy S3 which is a remarkable understanding between two battling companies but surely Samsung will be taking a hefty cut per handset sold? Where the iPhone has lacked is in the screen department, not the clarity as that’s always been excellent, but in size. Nowadays, size really does matter in the smartphone world and a 3.5” screen of the iPhone 4 just doesn’t cut it anymore. The iPhone 5 deals a larger screen to its customers and although it’s not been announced yet it’s most likely to be a 4 or 4.3” screen.

Another sneaky rumour has seen a patent filed by Apple to apply for the reverse of a smartphone to have optional camera lens options. This would be an incredible marketing exercise as it could mean we might have a few iPhone deals and options to choose from. We could have a cheaper but lower-specced camera iPhone 5 and a range-topper that would tackle the fantastic 12.1MP of the Sony Xperia S. As far as squeezing every last inch out of the iPhone brand Apple has already thought of it and it’s probably underway being built.

As the first quarter of January saw 400 million smartphones being shipped worldwide it does seem that we’re not done with keeping a phone for longer than a year just yet. Amazon has tipped the balance towards hitting the cheaper tablet PC market as the firm are bringing out no less than four Kindle Fire 2 and variants in August.

Onto the operating system and we are very likely to see iOS6 and a new Siri on the iPhone 5. With Long Term Evolution (LTE) on board it means that the technology will only get better and better rather than sticking with the same we’ve been used to. It also means that more companies can sell the new iPhone so there will be more competition and more iPhone 5 deals – and that’s where comparison sites such as Mobile Phone Checker really come into play.