Ready For the Xperia Ray Deals Shock?

News   •   Aug 05, 2012 07:00 BST

In the recent years, it seems that Sony Ericsson slightly disappeared in the limelight. It was only in 2011 when the Sony Xperia Arc surprised the worldwide techies with a bang. Sony Ericsson has suddenly come back with a vengeance and started firing out more and more Android-based Xperia smartphones. The Xperia Arc is the predecessor of the many Xperia models released lately such as the Xperia Ray. To this date, Xperia Ray has also undergone a series of rebirth to meet the demands of the Sony Ericsson fans regarding smaller and affordable smartphones.

If most smartphones today are designed with larger screens and in size, the Xperia Ray is way smaller to be recognized as a smartphone, with 3.3-inch screen. A few years ago, the manufacturers were trying their best to scale down mobile phones as small in size as possible mainly for the purpose of convenience. However, today’s generation of smartphones are becoming larger as seen in its screen size, which makes it now the standard for making a smartphone. The popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation primarily contributed to the major changes in the characteristics of a smartphone. Conversely, Xperia Ray provides sense of comfort when held in the user’s hands despite its small size. This is how Sony Ericsson has always known for, producing very well-built mobile phones with a nice weight to it.

As for the camera, Xperia Ray is equipped with Touch Focus and Image Stabilization technology. The 8-megapixel camera of the smartphone is also good in using for video recording, with 720p crisp and clear quality. Anyone who is interested in this phone can browse the web to look for the best Xperia Ray deals there. Many Sony Xperia Ray contracts are being offered at affordable prices.

For a couple of years now, Sony Ericsson has been teaming up with Android OS to allow them to use its system in their smartphones. For people who are not familiar with Smartphone operating systems can ask their Sony Xperia Ray contracts provider and get join in the growing number of smartphone users around the world. Sony Ericsson used Android Gingerbread to the Ray’s system, making its display look different from basic Android and there are distinctive widgets that will keep the users updated in their social media networking life. Speaking of social media network, Facebook photo albums also appear in the user’s gallery and the events in the calendar. Plus, the user is already provided with links to downloadable tunes in the web. The audio player allows users to search for videos and MP3s as well as browse the built-in FM radio.

The best Xperia Ray deals feature a built-in Bravia Mobile engine and Android OS version 2.3 Gingerbread enabled in the handset. It also boasts a 3.3-inch LED-backlit LCD capacitive touchscreen display coupled with an 8-megapixel with autofocus camera and LED flash. The users can also shoot video recording with a 720p video resolution. It is definitely a must-have mobile phone. Fortunately, many Xperia Ray deals and lots of Sony Xperia Ray contracts that offer free gifts given by some of the biggest mobile network services providers.