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Release Date for iPhone 5 Cuts iPhone 4 Prices

News   •   Mar 28, 2012 12:20 BST

Great news for those consumers who would rather get a good price on the current iPhone 4 than wait any longer for iPhone 5 deals to be released, the suppliers are now offering iPhone 4 deals with a free phone for as little as £30 per month line rental.

The iPhone 5 is turning out to be one of the most anticipated phone releases in recent years even trumping the interest surrounding the release of the current iPhone 4.

The fifth generation iPhone 5 has now been given an official release date by the boss of the Orange network as October 15th 2011 and the rumour mills are not just turning but now spinning faster than ever as to what the new iPhone will offer.

Pictures are being published across the internet with many originating in China showing a larger screen device with an extremely thin bezel surrounding, the overall form of the handset looks very much unchanged aside from a return to the curved backing of the previous iPhone 3GS models.

New features include an updated operating system in the form of the latest iOS 5 which is also found on the company's iPad tablets as well as a new messaging system similar to that of Blackberry devices and utilisation of the new iCloud service which acts as a virtual memory for the phone allowing for more space to be conserved on the device for faster operation.

Another new development is that of iTunes Match which is Apple's new music streaming service which will allow the user to not only stream saved tracks and albums from iCloud to their iPhone 5 but also compatible devices such as their iPad so there is no need to repurchase content for different devices.

The new iPhone 5 is set to be far faster than the current iPhone 4 as it features the A5 dual core processing chip found in the iPad 2, this is especially important with rival manufacturers utilising dual core processors in their latest phones which are seeing good sales volumes.

This new Apple iPhone is already creating a massive online buzz with search terms for iPhone 5 now more common than for the iPhone 4, this said, the iPhone 4 is already being discounted in anticipation of the launch of the new handset and many consumers are being swayed towards the current model due to the current economical climate and the likely high price of the new device.

In a recent survey conducted in August of this year it was revealed that 2 out of 3 (66%) current iPhone 4 users would be buying the new iPhone 5 but also that even 31% of current non iPhone users were considering the purchase.

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