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Release Date For The iPhone 5 Revealed

News   •   Aug 06, 2012 09:53 BST

For several months, many people have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5.  There have been plenty of rumours regarding everything from its possible specifications to its release date, but now it looks like we can expect the device to be unveiled on the 12th of September.  This follows suggestions from some reliable sources including Reuters, so the wait is now nearly over for those wanting to get their hands on their latest iPhone model.


Of course, we will not know the actual specifications of the device until it is unveiled, but this is going to be the consumer technology release of the year.  Because a number of other smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and HTC have recently released their flagship Android devices for 2012, we can expect something very special from the new Apple device if it is to compete with the likes of the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X.  These devices are selling well, and significantly contribute to the increasing popularity of Android.  Apple will be keen to compete, as the iPhone 5 will provide its best chance to regain some of the market share that it has lost to Android.


The latest iPhone model, the iPhone 4S remains one of the most popular smartphones out there.  Thanks to its AppStore, easy to use iOS interface, retina display and Siri application, we can expect these features to also be included in the new model.  However, logic would dictate that we will also see a larger screen (while still including the retina display) and a quad-core processor, so the device will be able to match the performance of competing Android smartphones like the Galaxy S3 and the One X.


For some time, there have been suggestions and rumours that a new iPad model will be released alongside the iPhone 5.  Sources indicate that this looks highly likely, with a new iPad Mini model due for release.  This will likely be Apple's attempt to compete with the popular Amazon Kindle Fire, which is one of the most affordable tablets out there, costing just $199 meaning many have opted for this over an iPad.


As with previous iPhone releases, we can expect both black and white versions to be launched at the same time, as is tradition with Apple smartphones.  As mentioned, we can expect the iPhone 5 to be unveiled on the 12th of September, with the device hitting stores shortly after on the 21st of the same month.

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