Repair Battery Life Problem On iPhone 4s Using iOS 7 Beta

News   •   Jun 23, 2013 15:08 BST

During a recent comparison with iOS 7, the iPhone 4s raised some concerns after experiencing skint battery life from installing the latest software. We have been made aware that there are many out there with the iPhone 4s who are experiencing these same issues.

Our results are available to view on this test in the previous article. The summary is that the iPhone 5 performed much better for its battery life, but the iPhone 4s did quite poorly for battery life endurance. We got a lot of feedback from many iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s owners also complaining of the same lack of battery stamina when using iOS 6. Through examining iOS 7 problems we discovered how to fix the drained battery problem.

Repairing the drained battery problem

First we dedicated hours using the first iOS 7 beta on both phones, there was a considerable difference in battery life, as we saw with iOS 6 last year which also is a problem for many iPhone users.

We had previously observed that this happened when iOS 6 installed an update. In this current test it was a major update with iOS 7 beta 1.

The tests we conducted showed battery drain on the iPhone 4s with iOS 7, and the iPhone 5 installed iOS 7 without any battery drain problems. This problem seemed to happen randomly. We have discovered a way to install iOS 7 without any battery drain problems.

Avoiding the battery drain problems when installing iOS 7 on both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s

If Apple resolves these battery life issues in the future these steps will no longer be needed.

First we conducted a backup of our iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s. Next we did a complete clean install of iOS 6 using iTunes in DFU Mode. thou can accomplish this by pressing the kip /Wake button and gaffe button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Be sure to continue pressing the gaffe button only until the iTunes pops up with a message about the iPhone in recovery mode.

Then we installed a clean copy of iOS 6. Next we installed iOS 7 beta, then restored the data and settings from our backup. Note: you can continue to use iOS 6 but thou will need to backup your iPhone in iTunes.

End result:

The battery problem with the iPhone 4s was really inconvenient to deal with. This procedure of doing a clean install then restoring the backup worked well. Most of these battery life problems are caused by restoring backups without doing a clean install first.

Does Your iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s suffer this same battery drain issue?

Try this method of doing a clean install first, then upgrading the iOS. Do not forget to backup everything first before doing the clean installation. Another way to see if yer battery life problems are hardware or software related is to test the life of the battery after the clean install but before restoring your backup.

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