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Report says more than 200 people working on the Apple iWatch – to be ‘simpler’ than previously reported

News   •   Feb 11, 2014 13:19 GMT

A report is claiming that Apple now has more than 200 people working on its rumoured smartwatch the iWatch. It also claims that the device will be “simpler” than previously reported.

MobilHealthNews reports, “There are more than 200 people working on this project. While there have been many reports about some of the hires Apple has made over the course of the past year, our source says there are actually more than 200 people working on this project, which they say indicates this launch is much bigger than just a new wristworn device.”

Reporting on its simplicity, it says, “iWatch is a peripheral device, not a primary one. The iWatch is also not a primary device, a source says, but a peripheral one. That means it will require connectivity to a smartphone for its full functionality. While I can imagine embedding cellular into such a device — assuming it has some health sensing capabilities — is likely not possible yet because of power constraints, WiFi-connectivity might mean the device is as much a primary device as most dedicated fitness tracking devices are today. But will the iWatch be a tiny smartphone on your wrist? Our source says no.”

The site adds, “Technological capabilities will be simpler than rumors have indicated. Since reports have emerged that Apple has hired engineers and sensors who have previously worked at passive glucose sensor companies and ingestible sensor companies, it’s no surprise that some are expecting advanced sensors in the iWatch. A source tells us that the team Apple has assembled is intended to ensure that the health sensing capabilities of the device are efficacious. Some fitness tracking devices available today primarily give users feedback in the form of an arbitrary points system — like Nike Fuel. Apple will likely not do this, but instead focus on real metrics like calories. Having a team with such advanced pedigrees will help ensure Apple’s device is accurate. Don’t expect glucose sensing though.”

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