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Reports Suggest That The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 May Boast A 5.7 Inch Screen

News   •   Jul 06, 2013 20:14 BST

Samsung are the leading name when it comes to Android smartphones and having spent most of the last three months focusing on their S4 range of devices the company are now turning their attention to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handset.  This model is due to be unveiled in September and new reports have thrown some doubt over the size of screen that this model will incorporate.

This latest news has come direct from South Korea, the home of Samsung,  and divulges that the new model is set to arrive boasting a 5.7 inch display.  The news has been provided by the Korean Herald and they report that it is backed up by both their own sources and insiders at Samsung.  Just like the previous two generations of the device the new model is set to use the high quality Super AMOLED technology to deliver the very best image quality.  In this same story they also report that the event at which the new model will be launched is IFA 2013 which will be held in Berlin.  For many weeks this was the event rumoured to be used for the launch but this week news broke that Samsung were planning a dedicated event of their own two days ahead of IFA to unveil the model.  If this is true then seeing that the Samsung event will also be held in Berlin we fully expect the model to be on display for the duration of IFA.

The news that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with a 5.7 inch screen may come as a shock to many people.  Perhaps the most consistent rumour surrounding this phone over the past few weeks is that it will feature a 5.9 inch screen.  5.7 inches is only slightly larger than the 5.5 inch panel that is featured on the Galaxy Note 2.  This slight increase may be favoured by Samsung as they do not want to alienate consumers with a screen that is too large.  Another factor is that the company recently unveiled a 6.3 inch model in the shape of the Galaxy Mega 6.3.  This will appeal to consumers wanting the largest possible display so it was not deemed necessary to increase the Galaxy Note display by a great deal.  Discover excellent Note 3 Samsung tariffs here.

We are sure to hear more news relating to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as IFA 2013 draws nearer but it looks as though the handset will arrive with a smaller screen than many initial reports had suggested.