RIM Releases BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

News   •   Oct 12, 2012 07:00 BST

Despite Apple and Samsung, and the other smartphone makers, pushing BlackBerry into the past RIM (Research in Motion) has decided to not go down without a fight. The firm has been struggling to retain market share as the other smartphone makers have included many ‘business’ or work-related apps into their stream so that BlackBerry phones have been made obsolete.

That said, RIM has taken on the competition and by early 2013 will be launching a new raft of BlackBerry 10 phones to directly take on the likes of HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Apple and Google. The news comes as the BlackBerry 10 app centre has been filling up with thousands more apps for people to use, download and buy. This obviously means that RIM aren’t going to roll over just yet and let the other companies dominate the competition. There are still a good handful of people that prefer the easiness of BB phones and BB Messaging etc.

There has been a huge amount of BB developers drafted in to create, evolve and grow the app market so that when the new range of BB10 phones hit the shelves we already have the functions and applications ready there waiting to download. There are huge amounts of BB apps being added to the BlackBerry App World this week and submissions are being quickly granted. This means that once tested and certified the apps are ready for existing BlackBerry owners to download and get used to them before the new wave of techno-BlackBerry phones are ready for sale.

It’s great news for the smartphone market as apart from the iPhone 5 nearly all other smartphones look very similar to the Samsung Galaxy range. Even the Nokia Lumia range isn’t too different to the Galaxy range except it’s a little sharper round the edges.

For developers, once their Built for BlackBerry program and apps are submitted, tested and granted it means they can qualify for the 10k Developer Commitment. This in turn means that they can add more apps in a faster way and expect them to be added quicker than ever before, kind of like a loyalty scheme and with eBay-like feedback stars.

If you love your BlackBerry phones and like to hear about the new range of phones that are due to hit the market, then you’ll love the BlackBerry Laguna which will come with the 1.5GHz Qualcomm quad core processor and a stunning 4.65” OLED touch display. You can expect 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal space as well as room for a microSD card that will add another 32GB of space, should you need it. You can bask in the glory of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology so you can share files, images and videos to your heart’s delight with your friends or workmates.

It will come with an 8MP camera and a 2MP front-facing one. Of course, it will include 4G technology so that if you do use it for work then you can have super-fast broadband on the move, as always.