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Rumour has it the iPhone 5 is out this year

News   •   May 06, 2012 10:29 BST

The likely features of the iPhone 5 rumour it to be released in the summer of this year include a surprising change in some of the most renowned features and areas of design which the previous five models have offered. To always keep ahead of the competition, Apple is likely to provide a new handset with some design changes, a better processor and more advanced main camera. The handset is likely to be released this summer and it is rumoured that it may offer a completely different approach for users when accessing their phone. The design up until now has only significantly changed once from the rounded shape of the 3GS to the more rectangular shaping of the handset body introduced with the iPhone 4S deals respectively. All designs have featured a home button on the front of the device, it is the single button to access the handset, and during use, returning at any time desired to Home where all your applications and folders are ready for you to use. As other handsets on the market have moved upward with their screen sizes, and the latest Samsung Galaxy Nexus has removed it’s front control buttons altogether, it is possible that the iPhone 5 will have a larger display of at least 4 inches, and to provide space for this without enlarging the entire phone, the Home button will not be present. Instead, rumours suggest two “squeeze” buttons may appear on the side of the handset, and when pressed together will take you to Home. The reason for two and placing them on the side of the device, is that it could be significantly easier to access the Home this way, and with one hand especially when removing the handset from your pocket. Among the other major changes likely are a more advanced camera. Again as other manufacturers have moved towards 12 plus megapixel main cameras, and over 1 megapixel high definition front cameras, it is likely such features will be present on this device. It is also possible that the handset A5 chip will be upgraded with more power to offer 1.5 gigahertz of speed. What is unlikely to change is the operating system, which will remain as iOS 5 and include all of its new features including support for the iCloud. Whatever the features of the iPhone 5, it is certain to be yet another major release of new technology from Apple. Meanwhile, we must wait in anticipation to see if it does offer better cameras, a larger Retina display and a new approach to Home.