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Rumour: no sapphire screen on Apple iPhone 6 – to be found on iWatch instead

News   •   Feb 12, 2014 16:59 GMT

Previous reports claimed that the Apple iPhone 6 (also known as the iPhone Air) will come with a sapphire screen. However, new reports from China (MyDrivers and PCPOP) say otherwise. They also say that the sapphire screens will find its way to the iWatch, Apple’s rumoured smartwatch instead.

The Chinese-speaking reports were first spotted by GforGames. According to the site, “According to Chinese media sources (which are citing “Taiwan supply chain insiders”), Apple has put a lot of effort into fitting the next iPhone with a sapphire screen. These sources claim that “beta” iPhone units (read: some of the prototypes Apple is currently testing) are already sporting sapphire protected panels, but unfortunately, chances are that they will not make it on the final product.”

It adds, “The problem is not necessarily due to low yield (which still is a problem, at least until Apple’s Arizon plant will be fully operational), but mainly because fitting a sapphire screen on the next iPhone would make its price skyrocket.”

The sapphire screens will instead be found on the iWatch. According to the site, “Fortunately though, the same sources also say that Apple will manage to fit sapphire screens on the rumored iWatch. The smartwatch is said to feature a 2 inch panel, and evidently, the production costs would be much lower.”

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