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Sabotage & Supervision on Radio 4- Threats to the London Olympics, Critical National Infrastructure & the Possibility of Foreign Government Infiltration

News   •   Jul 16, 2013 12:24 BST

Broadcast on Monday the 8th of July on  BBC Radio 4, Sabotage and Supervision contains anecdotal information from some of the major authorities on cyber defence such as Sir Michael Rake of BT, Sir Iain Lobban of GCHQ  and Mike Daniel, a Special Assistant to Barack Obama and the Cybersecurity  Coordinator.  

Focusing on the threats to critical national infrastructure, the program explores the events leading up to the London Olympics opening ceremony. Oliver Hoare, in charge of cyber for the games, speaks for the first time about fears that they faced in the lead up to the opening ceremony, defences put in place and the cyber attacks that were attempted.

The second half of the program reverts its focus to the volatile relationship between China and the U.S.A. This time the program explores the accusations made against Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei. The company has an extraordinary market share within infrastructure with nearly half of the world’s communications passing through at least one of their products. Congressman Mike Rogers who is heading up the campaign to keep Huawei products out of the U.S. tells the program, ‘We have a high degree of confidence that it is (Huawei) is connected to the Chinese Government and that it uses it for illicit purposes.’  

In response, the senior vice president of Huawei says that they are not connected with the Government and that the U.S. is resentful of the company’s success. Microsoft contributes also by saying that it would be commercial suicide for a private company to agree to provide information to Government and that they would never under any circumstances do so.  

The episode is available to listen to on the BBC Radio 4 website and it will be re-broadcast on Radio 4 at 13.30 on Sunday. The third and final part of the series is called 'Warfare' and will be broadcast next week.  
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