Salary benchmarking survey

News   •   Jan 09, 2017 10:10 GMT

Are you being paid what you deserve? Do you think others may be getting paid more than you despite having the same level of qualifications or experience?

It may be that for some people the job itself is reward enough. Most of us however, work for the salary we receive as without it we would struggle to survive. You may or may not agree that money makes the world go round, but you can't deny it is important.

We all like to feel we are being rewarded fairly for our endeavours, and this means being able to compare what we are paid with what somebody else in a similar position is paid, not to mention all the other benefits that you (or they) receive. It's also helpful to know what skills, experience or certifications could lead to a higher salary.

To help you with this, the Business Continuity Institute has just launched its annual Salary Benchmarking Survey, in order to develop a better understanding from those people working in the business continuity and resilience industry what the typical rewards are.

Please do complete the short survey (it will only take five minutes) and all respondents will be in with a chance of winning a £100 Amazon gift card (or the equivalent value in another currency).