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Samsug Beats Nokia As Bibbest Mobile Brand In Finland In Q1

News   •   Jun 03, 2013 13:18 BST

Finland based mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has long been one of the biggest brands in the business. Before the widespread availability of the advanced smartphone models that many of us use today, Nokia was one of the first companies to make mobile phones widely available, selling massive volumes of its affordable of reliable handsets around the world.

While Nokia's saw some success with some of its earlier smartphone models, the company has unfortunately lost much of its market share to other manufacturers such as Apple, HTC and Samsung in recent years. In turn, this led to financial difficulties for the company, after failing to compete with best selling devices from rival manufacturers, despite the recent popularity of devices like Nokia Lumia 920.

While sales of Nokia smartphones have generally been in decline in many countries in recent years, it remains a market leader in its home country of Finland. However, Slash Gear has recently reported that during the first three month period of 2013, Nokia has been knocked off the top spot by Samsung. During Q1, around 36% of all smartphones sold in Finland were Samsung devices, with Nokia’s market share reduced to around 33%. Visit our website for the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 updates and best Samsung Galaxy S4 contracts.

Of course, Samsung is now the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, thanks largely to bestsellers like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 phablet, along with several more affordable Android devices. However, the recent release of the wildly popular Galaxy S4, and rumoured upcoming launch of the Galaxy Note 3, it looks like Samsung's market share will only increase throughout the rest of the year.

Although Nokia has seen a return to form with the popular Lumia 920, it looks like the company's home advantage is losing its significance. However, Nokia has recently launched a couple of new flagship devices, which can hopefully turn things around for the ailing manufacturer.